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NEW DELHI, May 19 (Xinhua) — India on Tuesday became the 11th country in the world to surpass the 100,000 mark in terms of COVID-19 cases, and the death toll stood at 3,163.

On May 7 the country had 50,000 COVID-19 cases, which means the cases doubled in the past 12 days.

But, senior officials in the Indian government are still quite optimistic about the country’s COVID-19 track record so far. Amitabh Kant, CEO of the Indian government’s ace policy think-tank NITI Aayog, the prevalence of COVID-19 in the country was far better than many countries in the world.

On Tuesday he tweeted: “It is not total number of positive cases but the mortality & recovery rates which are critical. We are faring well on both.”

As per the latest data released by the health ministry, the total COVID-19 cases reached 101,139 on Tuesday morning, and the death toll stood at 3,163.

The ministry’s data said that 134 new deaths due to COVID-19, besides fresh 4,970 positive cases were reported since Monday, taking the number of deaths to 3,163 and total cases to 101,139.

According to ministry officials, so far 39,174 people have been discharged from hospitals after showing improvement.

“The number of active cases in the country right are now 58,802,” reads the information.

India has been under a countrywide lockdown since March 25. The third phase ended on Sunday and the 14-day fourth phase began on Monday. As per the new norms, some relaxations have been given for opening up shops, restaurants, government offices, transportation, manufacturing and retail activities.

All educational institutions, including schools and colleges, flights (both domestic and international), regular train and bus services continue to remain suspended. Similarly, shopping malls, big markets, gymnasiums, spas and salons would also remain shut.

The southwestern state of Maharashtra is worst affected with 35,058 COVID-19 cases and 1,249 deaths, followed by Tamil Nadu with 11,760 cases and 81 deaths, Gujarat with 11,745 cases and 694 deaths, and Delhi with 10,054 cases and 168 deaths.

In a bid to fight the pandemic, the country has ramped up production of personal protective equipment (PPE), face masks, hand sanitizers, face shields and hand gloves.


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