Tobago people ‘will have to eat crabs’ - EntornoInteligente / The Trinidad Guardian / Let’s see now what other entity the Government can “buss.” The oil business that has been one of our standard bearers has “gone through” and is costing the taxpayers billions, with a little help from the OWTU.

The whole of Tobago is on the skids—no ferry, Magdalena in ICU, no tourist coming, the people will have to just eat crabs, but not to worry the Prime Minister is from Tobago so we happy with the PNM.

It is blatantly obvious that this administration is absolutely incompetent, but hold your breath, the elections are not too far away so they will start spending soon so that the ignorant and ill-informed will vote for them.

This does not mean that the opposition will or can do any better.

The politicians, all, in this country are inept, corrupt and incompetent.

Gordon Dalla Costa

Tobago people ‘will have to eat crabs’

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