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Entornointeligente.com / Time to give Test cricket a rest / The trinidad Guardian / It’s about time that the West Indies cricket team stops playing Test cricket.

We are a disgrace to the game and ourselves. We should take about a two-year rest and build a Test team from scratch. 

At present we don’t have any talent whatsoever. 

We have to create an Academy of Cricket and use it as a training ground for our future cricketers. 

The present batch is all substandard and needs to be dispensed with. We don’t have one cricketer who is up to International standard. It’s very painful to the West Indies fans/supporters to witness the debacle that we call Test cricket. 

We know what Test cricket is. Our present game is a sad excuse of how a Test team must perform. 

Our Test team is in limbo. We just can’t go on this way. We can have the best coach in the world, but without talent we aren’t going anywhere. We are living in the shadows of our cricket history. No more Lara, no more Richards, no more Garner, no more Greenidge and Haynes, no more Marshall. 

The present crop looks like they want someone to break Lara’s record. Our cricket needs an immediate fix. I hope the powers that be consider our plight for a good Test team and do the right thing and take our cricket on a hiatus that might one day prove fruitful.

Valentine Young,

Brooklyn, New York

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