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We wish you a merry Christmas,

We wish you a merry Christmas,

We wish you a merry Christmas

And a happy New Year.

Good tidings we bring

To you and your kin


I’m an introvert, naturally. So, my social experiences are a bit different, but all the same they make for pretty good examples.


On Tuesday night, four of us were left at the box (Colosseum SXM) around closing time. We ended up making a unanimous decision to get shawarmas at Little Jerusalem. Cool, boom. Hashtag carpool. Hashtag “Lehgo.”


Even though I spent a good portion of the night on my phone watching weightlifting videos, I really enjoyed just being on the table with my peers chilling. That experience added to what I wanted to say about Christmas in this week’s piece, because it’s honestly the coming together that makes Christmas, Christmas. The gifts are just the bonus, the And-1, or the cherry on top.


While going over thoughts in my head about this piece, I realized that the people I really want to see on Christmas Day, I don’t ever buy gifts for. And don’t get me wrong, gifts are GOOD! However, I hate it when that’s all that gets the attention.


Inserts logical approach. Yes, it’s also a commercial holiday. So, businesses and movies have to push that “gift narrative” in order to generate business and make sales; and it is also tradition to give gifts around this time. However, would we have an equally amazing experience on Christmas if we got together without any gifts?


What we do in my family is firstly decide whose house we’re sacrificing that year. Almost everyone and their mothers sleep over at the designated house on Christmas Eve. For those that don’t sleep over, they join the gathering during the day. The last couple years, Audra’s house has been the spot. The family from New York was supposed to come down, but only our mom made the trip. The other family members are fake (rolls eyes aggressively).


In my opinion, the day is special, because we all get together to hang out. We talk, we play games, and most importantly we eat…


Small pause. Okay, hi. So, Christmas can be Christmas without gifts, BUT it cannot be Christmas without food. Okay resume.


… Yes, we do designate a time to opening gifts and it is a highlight of the day, but if there were no gifts to open, we would definitely find another activity to fill the gap. Maybe eat again?


Moral of this piece is – gifts are great, but Christmas can be amazing without them. So, we should spend our time focusing on the things that Christmas can’t happen without, loved ones. (And food, but loved ones.)


I haven’t gotten into the Christmas mood as yet, because I’ve been swamped with work. Christmas parties here, there and everywhere, graduations and family sessions. Oh, if you haven’t got your Christmas Shoots or your Family Sessions done, just stop by Picture This Studio and we’ll hook you up.


Personally, I still need to figure out what I’m getting my goddaughters, but I can guarantee you that I’m going to see them, regardless of the gifts, and spend some time with them.


I guess I should wish you a Merry Christmas…


*Siri, play We wish you a merry Christmas*

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