Throat slit, left to die + - EntornoInteligente / 23/06/2018 – The Trinidad Guardian. / Prominent Chaguanas attorney Maria Ramcharitar was inconsolable yesterday, after finding the body of her secretary on the floor of a room in her office.

Police said Nicole Hosein-Debideen’s throat was slit and it seemed she was left there to bleed to death.

Ramcharitar‘s office is located in a building adjacent to the Price Club Supermarket at Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas.

Ramsaran Street is known to be very busy and shock waves went through all, including fellow attorneys, when they heard the news.

According to a police report, at about 10.15 am Ramcharitar had just opened her office and went into the bathroom area when she discovered Hosein-Debideen’s body in a pool of blood. A party of officers led by Central Division acting ASP Wayne Mystar and Homicide officers from Region 3 arrived on the scene.

Hosein-Debideen, 44, was pronounced dead by the District Medical Officer and her body was removed to the Forensic Science Centre at 1 pm.

After making the gruesome discovery yesterday, Ramcharitar was put to sit on a chair just in front the building. She was inconsolable and was seen crying and screaming at times as close friends and family, including the victim’s 67-year-old mother, Shirley, tried to comfort her. Hosein-Debideen lived at Sanford Street East, California Village, Couva. She was a widow and had no children. Her husband, Marlon  Debideen, died about two years ago.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian, Shirley said she last saw her daughter at about 6.30 am when she left to go to church.

“Every morning she would leave that early to go to church before going to work. I called her on the phone and she was already in office and I asked her if she ate breakfast yet and she told me no but added that she was going to eat just now. That must have been close to 8 am,” Mrs Hosein said.

“This real shocking to me. My daughter lived with me and I heard of no threats and no enemies. I just trying to stay strong because we don’t know why this happened to her.”

Felicity/Endeavour councillor Debideen Manick said he was stunned just like the community.

“Mary has her office here over ten years and I knew Nicole several years now. She was such a nice person, always had a smile on her face and was such a dedicated and efficient employee.”

A close friend of the family told the T&T Guardian that Hosein-Debideen was the church-going type.

“She went to church, work and home…every day. We are really shocked, sad and disappointed that such a fate befell her.”

Mystar said the police was yet to determine a motive but added that they are “working on a few leads.” He said they were expected to view footage caught on surveillance cameras around to get a better idea of what may have transpired prior to her killing.

Hosein-Debideen was the 25th woman to be killed for the year so far and the 270th murder victim.

Investigations are continuing.


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