They are killing us like flies - EntornoInteligente / News day / THE EDITOR: This is not pleasant but it must be said. We the women of TT, regardless of position in life, condone sexual harassment.

We know of prominent men who have committed offences, men who are still out there in the workplace. These men thrive because of political and social cover. The people who can remove them want them exactly where they are. It will upset the political pineapple and mango carts if certain cases are brought forward.

This shutting of eyes is particularly evident with men in the trade union movement and other places where women are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Self-arrogance and a belief in being extra special and untouchable become inextricable from what is right and what is wrong.

Fixing what happens in TT should not be restricted to going after individuals who can get you 15 minutes of fame. TT can only be fixed when self-aggrandisement and political agendas have been removed from the sexual harassment arena. The powerful women of TT must emerge from the poor and downtrodden, not from the rich top bracket, who can call their own shots.

We are all of us the sum total of our experiences. The “female experience” in TT is to hush your mouth if the money passing is in large enough amounts to assuage the beatings, the drunkenness and the exploitation.

This is TT where having a man friend, husband or otherwise allows you to show off and say, “Look me, I am Mrs Dog.”

This is the reason that TT men are killing us like flies. There is no respect. None. We like it so.

Many women are willingly giving up their lives for a few crumbs of male attention.


They are killing us like flies

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