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Dear Editor Was the NCM a blessing in disguise, a cauldron of unintended consequences? Did it release a sociopolitical pressure valve? And when the steam subsides, will a nation be scalded beyond use or properly tenderised and seasoned to do business with any giant; will Guyana be led by a leader for ALL, monitored by an opposition for ALL, and guided by the demands of a more knowledgeable, more understanding, more united, and more sophisticated citizenry? Is it possible…?

Guyanese, my brethren, we have to be hopeful and patient while being deliberate. I’ve refrained from commenting on most political discussions because quite frankly, I’m not interested in politics or discussions that are race-driven or divisive. But I also reasoned that who in these times can escape the ubiquity of Guyanese politics? Occasionally, I’m privy to intellectually deep, stimulating, and emotionally-charged discussions on Facebook. A ringside view of the array of brilliant Guyanese engaged in sociopolitical discussions ranging from group and party loyalty to nationalism. And while many are locked in debates on who should govern this 83,000 sq. miles or the limitations of party or group loyalty to produce the kind of leadership and unity Guyana needs for its socio-economic development, there is a political battle of will taking place in Guyana. The tendency of group and party loyalty to transcend politics and descend into racial and social malaise has many Guyanese wondering if Guyana will ever emerge from this political crisis unscathed. Some even openly ask if Guyana will ever transform into the regional economic force, a place earned not only by its oil potential but by all of its natural resources. Unscathed? Hmmm … only time will tell. But emerge, yes. I have to believe it will. It has to. While Guyana is in checkmate by its politicians, I believe that a solution is inevitable.

Even though I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself, some of these conversations, though controversial, intense, and at times condescending, are very engaging and revealing. Recently, I shared with a close friend that if we are honest and if history is not hijacked by revisionists, which seem to be the dominant ghosts that haunt Guyana’s historical corridors, we will chorus the NCM was a blessing in disguise. Then there is the irony of unintended consequences – a peeling or stripping of the hubris masks off our politicians. Who could have imagined the mass awakenings of Guyanese home and abroad – many of whom normally slumber through these political periods?

The NCM released a valve in this sociopolitical pressure cooker – and however one sees it, by the unintended engagements, it seemed necessary.

A group of politicians, driven by … I’ll let history decide … redesigned the political theatre, causing brighter lights to be aimed at actors and actresses often hidden because their script has either been destroyed or is to be rewritten. —Act 1 awed and shocked the audience. —Act 2 cleared the stage for the legal scene. —-Act 3, now all the lights are on. The director is confused. The writers did not anticipate the play would have awakened and attracted such a large, knowledgeable, sophisticated, and interested audience. The audience refuses to leave the theatre and is demanding more, and however strange the scenes, they demand an ending, a proper ending even though no one knows what, how, or exactly when. The audience seems restless. The theatre might not withstand their impatience, fuss, and fury. The NCM – was it good or bad? It really doesn’t matter. It has happened, and the jaguars are awake and on the prowl. Who will tame them, what will satiate them, and when will they sleep again?

The NCM – its unintended consequences – is perhaps a blessing. For the observers, neocolonial, et al, who may have thought they knew, understand and can manipulate the Guyanese ethos … – including those who might have thought that Guyana is devoid of the brains, experience, knowledge, skills, and talents to check themselves, to monitor and course-correct, are perhaps wondering how could they have so underestimated this nation. Maybe they should have looked beyond our politicians, for while some can hold their own, there are Guyanese far more educated, more knowledgeable, and more sophisticated than our politicians. The NCM was that gust of wind, however inconvenient, low down and dirty, and however it seems to have halted progress, it has awakened a nation. Who could have imagined the avalanche of anger and debates distilled in these digital discussions?

Many are left wondering if they should hate BJ or thank him. Is he a scoundrel or an act of fate? Have BJ and his core group considered they might, all of us, be pawns and puppets in this cosmic play in this political theatre called GUYANA?

Guyana, I believe, has awakened ALL her children, because she intends for EVERYONE to benefit from the abundance dormant in her womb. The politicians have had their say, and while their scene may not be over, hopefully, before the final curtain, will come to an agreement, forced to surrender to what is right for ALL.

Regards Selwyn A. Collins

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