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WHEN I was a little boy, the older folks in the village used to say that some folks use religion to brainwash people, others used it to enrich themselves, and some use it to make a mockery of religion itself.

However, as I grew in age and developed a fairly objective mind of my own, I tried not to do so leaning on my own understanding, but rather in keeping with the sentiments expressed in Proverbs 3:5; “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Surely, I wish not to get too religious with you, nor take much of your time away from the hot news about the return of the recently released convicted ‘drug lord’ who is currently facing the possibility of murder charges, and subsequently, more time in prison. Of course, it is dependent on the willingness of the police to vigorously pursue the matter, if they so wish. Now, let’s address two widely disliked creatures of the PPP, who have suddenly become so darn self-righteous, obnoxious and holier than thou, as they shamelessly jumped onto the mountaintop to proclaim their love and admiration for their Jim Jones-type political leader, and puppet master. Yep, these two politically wild oats are the very individuals who have, over the years, perfected the art of eating the left-over bones from the King’s meat, instead of focusing on doing some sort of good for humanity, particularly, their fellow Guyanese.

The first case is that of the man who claims to be a Bishop (Juan Edghill), who has displayed a certain reckless and ungodly posture by behaving in a manner that would have made him one of the money changers who were ejected by Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, this gentleman in my opinion is still to convince Guyanese that he is truly what he says he is, and begin to practise what he preaches instead of masquerading around the place, raising up his petticoat, and opening his mouth preaching the usual divisive messages and spewing ignorance out of his mouth. All of this, while pretending to be a man of God. In fact, Guyanese are not that gullible, not at all. Hence, we are able to see right through this political imposter, and so-called man of God.

At least, based on his public display and lack of decorum, he surely doesn’t preach from the Bible I am accustomed to, and certainly doesn’t worship the God that I do. Sadly, this so-called man of God has repeatedly demonstrated his weakness in the flesh and seems to be more focused on the monetary side of things and nothing else. So, in the name of Jesus, I say: Get thee behind me Satan, for in the bible, it says in the Book of Matthew 7:15; ‘Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.’ Indeed, my fellow Guyanese, beware of these creatures whose only agenda is for the people to live in subjugation, as they were for 23 long years under the PPP regime.

Now please allow me to address His Highness Rabbi Joseph Hamilton. Yes, that little known plantain chips vendor, who apparently was forced to slip on a hand-me-down washed-out shirtjac, and is assuming the stance of a political heavyweight and champion of the people. God in heaven knows, by his comportment and ridiculous utterances, it is not difficult to conclude that this barefaced plantain chip vendor has absolutely nothing to offer Guyana, never did, and will never. In conclusion, Guyanese are pretty shrewd enough to understand what is to be tricked by some very pompous political parasites, and are prepared to reject them and their brutal, destructive, undemocratic and ignoramus way of saying and doing things.

Fortunately, the nation is not prepared to be tricked, neither by anyone who is masquerading as a man of God, nor an unrepentant disciple of Rabbi Washington. Again my fellow Guyanese, beware of these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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