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Jennifer Motiram portraying a Makeup Artist at her school’s career day (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Motiram) High school student determined to make her dream a reality  By Marissa V. Foster  JENNIFER Motiram is a secondary school student with a big ambition of one day becoming one of Guyana’s top make-up artists. She described her childhood as being quite amazing and filled with good memories, having grown up in a very big and loving family. Though her father was absent from the home, her mother still made sure that all of their needs were always met, regardless of the sacrifice.

Jennifer Motiram Her mother always fulfilled her needs in every way possible and never fell short on any of her promises. Jennifer’s mother is the main reason for her success. Motiram expressed always having an eagerness to learn new things every day. While learning new things, she was also taught to focus on finishing her secondary-level education and to do so successfully. Growing up with less has driven this youth with a passion for make-up to develop herself and to always strive to be the best of who she is and with what she does.

Over the years, Jennifer has developed a very strong desire to express her creativity. This has been the key to success in her makeup journey thus far. She first started as having makeup as a hobby. Eventually, she placed more emphasis on her skills and practised until she perfected them. Motiram is currently a secondary school student, studying at Line Path Secondary. She is filled with ambitions of being an independent woman with her very own established business. She is also part of a dance group called ‘Team Extreme’ or ‘TX’ from the East-Berbice/Upper Corentyne area. She is active as a freelance make-up artist and professional dancer. Despite still being in school, Jennifer has already copped more than 50 make-up customers. She also had over 30 bookings as a professional dancer.

Her future highlights success and big ambitions as she plans to proceed in building her very own brand for make-up and as a dancer, after completing her secondary school education. Her main focus and goal are to always keep growing as an individual—to blossom into her best self, possible through the support of her family and closest friends. She also hopes to enhance her skills as a Guyanese make-up artist and while doing so, she hopes to contribute positively to the lives of others, especially to other young girls who look up to her as a shining role model.

Growing up without the presence of her father was a major life challenge she had to face from a very young age. Although she never really received any type of unconditional love from her father, she stressed that she still got the gift of confidence and high self-esteem, all possible because of her loving mother. Her mother filled the shoes of both parenting roles and she never made Jennifer feel the absence of her father. Her mother filled that void to the fullest and she always had the full support from her mother in any journey or path where she decided to tread. Jennifer advises other young girls who have a passion for make-up and dance to always follow their dreams.

She stressed that you should, “Never quit! Sometimes, there will be challenges that will come your way, but don’t you ever give up. Just be sure to view those challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow from in this life.” Jennifer also wants to encourage those who are still in secondary school to make education their priority— unless, of course, you can balance pursuing your dreams and obtaining good grades, then go for it!

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