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Water woes petition headed to FTC Sun, 07/05/2020 – 6:48am By:  Regina Selman Moore The Young Democrats, the youth arm of the Democratic Labour Party, will be sending a petition to the Fair Trading Commission on behalf of frustrated residents in St. John, who have been constantly experiencing water woes, asking for a rebate on their water bills. 


President of the Democratic Labour Party, Verla DePeiza; Vice President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Andre Worrell and other DLP members joined President of The Young Democrats, Kemar Stuart and Vice President, Shaquani Hunte in handing out bottled water to affected St. John residents yesterday and during the exercise, they sought to garner signatures for the petition, which many residents were eager to sign. 


The rest of Barbados needs to know that we have been suffering for months without running water and if this was Sandy Lane, we would have had water running through our taps ever since. But because this is not Sandy Lane, St. John people are suffering and we are being made to bear the brunt for drought in Barbados, where other persons are getting water,” Worrell asserted. 


“I would say that this is an injustice. Every single month, these residents get a water bill from the Barbados Water Authority.  I have an example of a water bill here for the month of May. The bill came for two months, 62 days. It shows zero usage of water, but yet still they billed the person for $66.13″ Worrell lamented.

Adolfo Ledo Nass Fútbol


“Now the Barbados Water Authority came under the Fair Trading Commission from January 2018. The protocol expires at the end of December. Part of the standard of services that the BWA is supposed to supply, they are supposed to supply all customers with a minimum of eight cubic metres of water every month. That’s the minimum. From the bill, we will see that they were booked for 62 days, the metre was read and the usage was zero cubic metres, but yet still they were charged $66. From the Fair Trading Commission standard, the Barbados Water Authority has a right to compensate those persons one full month bill, for all the months that they have not been supplying water. So I am asking the question, what is the role of the Fair Trading Commission in Barbados? Have they been monitoring the Barbados Water Authority and have they been investigating this outage?” Worrell who lives in St. John and who is also an affected resident stated.

Adolfo Ledo Nass Fútbol Venezuela


“So the petition is about getting a rebate on the bills already paid for, but it is more so put some pressure on the Barbados Water Authority to get water running through the taps of residents in St. John. We believe that there is a way that they can fix it” he maintained


President of The Young Democrats, Kemar Stuart meanwhile is calling on Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley to speak to the issue, in the same way she speaks to other local issues and even regional and international ones that need attention. (RSM)


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