Taiana: UK «cynical» when it supports Ukrainian territorial integrity and denies Argentina’s over Malvinas

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“It's the British that are saying that the territorial integrity of Ukraine must be defended, and it's the British that deny the defense of Argentina's territorial integrity,” blasted Taiana Argentine defense minister Jorge Taiana again accused the British government of being «cynical» since ir has a double yardstick, on the one hand they support Ukrainian sovereignty and on the other they deny Argentine legitimate rights over Falklands/Malvinas islands sovereignty

«It’s the British that are saying that the territorial integrity of Ukraine must be defended, (from Russia) and it’s the British that deny the defense of Argentina’s territorial integrity, that is cynical, lack of respect for the law and not complying with international law“, said Taiana during an event at the main Argentine naval base Puerto Belgrano.

Taiana also announced the creation of the Joint Maritime Command, ”a decision to coordinate efforts in guaranteeing security and control, as well patrolling our waters, our territorial sea, our Exclusive Economic Zone“, explained the defense minister.

”This joint task comes to show the priority we assign to the South Atlantic, that for years has been defined by the coastal countries as a peace and cooperation zone, and which is completely impeded by the standing presence of a provocative, aggressive fleet from the United Kingdom in our Malvinas Islands,“ Taiana insisted before all the Argentine navy’s top officials attending.

Taiana went on to say that Argentina is the eighth country in the world in territory, with huge rich resources and an enormous continental shelf, also one of the largest in the world, and is ”a nation, a State that needs strong Armed Force to guarantee our independence and sovereignty“

”We need to have Armed Forces capable of dissuading any enemy attack, with a quick reaction capacity, strong and respected by other armed forces“

”This means recovering, repairing, modernization, construction and acquisition, in a process which won’t be solved in a couple of years, but it is a process to which a great majority of the Argentine community is committed“

The minister praised the role played by the Argentine armed forces during the pandemic, ”working shoulder to shoulder to defeat that invisible enemy that took too many lives and is still among us“, and pledged better equipment and support for such national emergencies.

”We are well aware that from a professional point of view with better equipment we will have greater opportunities, and we are aware that the members of our armed forces are in need of improved income conditions, and that we can´t have them at the current situation and levels“.

Taiana finally said it was not only a question of an increase in current incomes but to bring them to the level of other security forces, ”but this is an effort the president is committed to and we will be presenting a feasible plan to make it possible».