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CAY HILL–Students of the King Yen Taekwondo School will be conducting demonstrations during the NAGICO Health & Fitness Fair at Raoul Illidge Sports Complex Saturday from 10:30 to 2:00pm.

  The free event will feature fitness activities as well as Medical Practitioners in various fields of Medicine offering free testing and basic consulting services.   “On this important day we will support the St. Maarten community in particular and the world in general to help keep our residents especially the new generation healthy through demonstration of the noble art of Taekwondo,” said Theo Liu the Grandmaster of the King Yen School. “If you want to get into shape, burn calories, and burn away that pot belly, practicing Taekwondo on a regular basis will definitely help.”   Taekwondo involves repeating stances and fighting patterns call poomsees, striking the air, training with people in the form of sparring, kicking a bag, doing various cardiovascular and bodyweight exercises and much more.   “Performing regular physical exercise increases your metabolic rate on a fairly long term basis, thus making your body burn more calories even after you have finished exercising, something which is crucial in terms of weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight,” explained the Grandmaster.

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