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Syrian air defenses were activated in rural Damascus after an enemy drone was seen flying over the Jaramana District.

The Syrian military shot down an enemy drone over southeastern Damascus this evening, the state-owned Syrian Arab News Agency reported. 


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Syrian state media said the drone was shot down by the Syrian military as it was flying over the Aqraba suburb in Damascus’ southeastern countryside. 

The reports did not specify who the ‘enemy’ drone belonged to, but it is believed to be an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle . 

Israel previously bombed the Aqraba suburb in early September, killing and wounding several members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah forces. 

The Israeli military would follow up this attack by flying a suicide drone into the Hezbollah media center building in the southern suburb of Beirut. No one was injured during the attack, but the Lebanese government, including many Hezbollah opponents, and the Islamic Resistance’s central command both condemned the attack.

Hezbollah would later respond to this attack by launching an anti-tank guided missile at an Israeli military vehicle that was traveling along the Lebanese-Israeli border. 

Israel said no one was hurt during the attack, which contradicted Hezbollah’s claims about one IDF soldier being killed and few more wounded. 

Both sides eventually halted their hostilities after several international entities, including the United Nations, urged them to end the violence. 


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