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KHARTOUM, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) — Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) on Monday announced delay of formation of the sovereignty council for 48 hours.

“Delaying the issuance of the constitutional decree on dissolution of the TMC and formation of the sovereignty council came at the request of the opposition Freedom and Change Alliance to be able to reach consensus on list of its five candidates for the sovereignty council,” Shams-Eddin Kabashi, the TMC’s spokesman, said in a statement.

He stressed the TMC’s keenness to implement the timetable annexed to the constitutional declaration concerning establishment of the structures of the transitional authority.

He added that the TMC and the alliance have submitted names of their candidates for the membership of the sovereignty council and reached consensus on the 11th member of the council.

However, he explained that the Freedom and Change Alliance withdrew some names from the list it had submitted and demanded 48 hours to hand over its final list of candidates.

On Sunday, the Freedom and Change Alliance submitted an internally agreed-upon list of five candidates for the joint sovereignty council.

The list included Aisha Mousa, Mohamed Al-Faki, Sidiq Tawer, Taha Osman and Hasan Sheikh-Eddin Idris, according to the alliance’s leading member Sati Al-Haj.

However, some components of the alliance objected to some of the nominees, which pushed the alliance to decide to reconsider the nominations during a meeting scheduled later on Monday.

The sovereignty council comprises 11 members including five civilians, five military representatives and one national personality to be selected through mutual consultation.

According to the constitutional declaration signed by the two sides, the sovereignty council’s members should have been appointed on Sunday before the appointees take the constitutional oath on Monday, which will mean automatic dissolution of the TMC.


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