Sucre Alberto Ardila leyó:// PowerGen looks for resurgence today - EntornoInteligente / One of the strongest clubs in recent history in T&T, PowerGen finds themselves in danger of being demoted from the T&T Cricket Board Premiership Division I.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila

The southern club finds its in last place in the eight-team standings with 32 points, 11 short of Victoria United and 24 short of QPCC II which is on 46 points. Today, there challenge to stay in the top flight will not be easier as they battle defending champions QPCC I at the Queen?s Park Oval.

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The Oval Boys have not been their normal ruthless selves this season and are in third spot with 63 points. PowerGen will be looking for great contributions with the bat from the Cooper brothers Akiel and Cephas, as well as national player Ewart Nicholson. However, their biggest boost should come from returning West Indies player Jason Mohammed. They have struggled in the batting department this season, while the slow bowlers led by Ancil Bhaggan have held sway. PowerGen started off the season in fine form by winning the UWI T20 and will be hoping to rekindle that kind of form in the last two rounds of the Premiership.

Alberto Ardila

Leaders Alescon Comets on 93 points will be on the road to Victoria at Barrackpore. With Victoria struggling the Charlieville men will be looking to take advantage and out themselves in an unassailable position going into the final round.

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Central Sports will be playing QPCC II and an outright win can keep up the pressure on Comets. Richard Ramkissoon team has been in great form with the veteran Shazan Babwah showing great form.

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In the other game, Merryboys will battle old rivals Clarke Road at St. Anthony?s College in a mid-table clash.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

All matches start at 10am


PREMIERSHIP DIVISION I QPCC 1 VS Powergen QP Oval Merryboys VS FC Clarke Road United St Anthony?s College Victoria VS Alescon Comets Barrackpore QPCC 2 VS Central Sports TBD PREMIERSHIP DIVISION II Canefarm VS Caldrac Crown Street Rec. Ground EYM VS Orangefield EYM Tableland VS Aranguez Tableland BFL VS Munroe Road Gilbert Park LATEST STANDINGS PREMIERSHIP DIVISION I Team P PTS 1. Comets 5 92 2. Central Sports 5 73 3. QPCC I 5 63 4. Clarke Rd 5 53 5. Merryboys Boys 5 46 6. QPCC II 5 46 7. Victoria 5 43 8. PowerGen 5 32 STANDINGS PREMIERSHIP DIVISION II Team P PTS 1. Cane Farm 5 83 2. EYM 5 82 3. Caldrac 5 80 4. BFL 5 76 5. Munroe Rd 5 63 6. Aranguez 5 50 7. Orangefield 5 43 8. Tableland 5 20



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