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A police officer who was injured when an electrical cable from a police vehicle wrapped around his leg, making him fall, is to be compensated by the State.

Master Sherlanne Pierre on Friday awarded PC Judson Mohammed $293, 225 in compensation for pain and suffering, loss of amenities, future surgery, nursing care and special damages because he was left partially disabled.

She will make a decision on loss of future earnings in December since the Medical Board and the police service are yet to decide whether Mohammed is fit to continue working.

Mohammed is represented by attorney Saira Lakhan.

He was injured on May 2, 2013, while on mobile patrol in Lengua Village, just off Princes Town as he was getting out of the police vehicle. The piece of cable was hanging from underneath the dashboard on the driver’s side, but he was unaware of it. Mohammed continued walking away. with the cable tangled around his leg. He tripped on it and fell.

He contended he did not see the cable hanging from beneath the dashboard. As a result of the fall, he ruptured the posterior cruciate ligament in the right knee. and had to have surgery.

Mohammed sought damages on the ground that the police service failed to secure in a fixed position the electrical cable under the dashboard. In fact, he contended that if the police vehicle had been checked often, the incident would not have occurred.

He received judgment in his favour and the matter was referred to a Master to determine the amount of damages he should receive.

In 2017, Mohammed also obtained judgment from the State for negligence after he was hit on the head by a prisoner at the San Fernando magistrates’ court in 2011, after he refused to buy doubles for the man, who was said to be the leader of the “Blood gang.”

In that matter, Mohammed was awarded $31,001 for the blow to his head and a cut above his left eye.


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