Spanish Town Taxi Operators Agree To End Protest Ahead Of Meeting With Transport Minister

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  Taxi operators in St. Catherine who terminate in Spanish Town have agreed to return to work following a decision to meet with the Transport Authority.   Merdina Callum, Acting Corporate Communications Manager at the Transport Authority, told Radio Jamaica News that the meeting will be held on Friday at the agency’s Maxfield Avenue office.   The taxi operators protested for a second day in a bid to get the Transport Authority to respond to their call for a change to their route licences to allow them to operate on any road in Spanish Town.   The placard-bearing protesters parked along both sides of Brunswick Avenue and prevented other transport operators from working.   The tyres on a minibus and car were slashed.   The taxi operators said they should not be prosecuted for operating contrary to their road licences as they are negatively affected when traffic builds up in Spanish Town and at least one road, which is part of the main route, is in a deplorable state.   Aaron Mattis, President of the Spanish Town Taxi Association, demanded that Transport Minister Audley Shaw meet with the operators.   He claimed that an agreement reached with former Transport Minister Robert Montague was being breached.    «If the then minister, which was [Robert] Montague, had taken the approach of not seizing the cars for contrary, what is it in Mr. Shaw that he can institute it back on the books without even having a meeting with us to say this is the way forward?» he complained.