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Some businesses reopen while others remain closed

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This store in Swan Street was open but unfortunately empty.

Some businesses reopen while others remain closed Tue, 05/12/2020 – 6:04am Things have changed in Bridgetown with the partial reopening of businesses on May 4 as part of the COVID-19 pandemic plan, but as busy as the streets have become there are still some quiet places remaining.

It has been one week since Barbados embarked on Phase Two of the Barbados COVID-19 pandemic plan and there has been an immediate change on the streets. There were not only lines to the supermarkets and financial institutions but now, also on the roads. Persons are travelling to and fro for work and also to conduct business with one or more of the entities or services, outlined by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley more than a week ago, that have been given permission to reopen.

The financial institutions are open based on the alphabetised surname system, along with card services for many other entities.

Lines have been long for weeks but as the days turn over, the time spent waiting has been shorter for many patrons looking to conduct business. Government agencies have also partially reopened to the public, with limited hours and partial staff due to social distancing restrictions. The sounds of weed wackers and lawnmowers can once again be heard across the island along with the sound of construction as the sector seeks to get off the ground. Ladies have flocked to hair stores, looking to lightly refresh for work or to be in a state of readiness when the doors of salons and barber shops finally open.

However despite the partial reopening, there are still key stores and shops in Bridgetown which remain closed. Duty Free Caribbean Holdings which includes Cave Shepherd, Colombian Emeralds International (CEI), Jeweler’s Warehouse, Duty Free Caribbean, along with other smaller stores in Swan Street, Tudor Street and Milk Market Road have yet to reopen. Many workers remain unemployed and reliant on the government for financial support. Guided by the events of this past week along with those of the coming week, government officials and stakeholders will have to make a decision about staying within the parameters of Phase Two deeming the island ready to move into Phase Three.

Patrons have been predominantly adhering to the social distancing mandate and most are wearing masks, but even if it is the minority, the risk is significantly greater when people take the partial reopening as a means to “free up” without adequate caution. Also to be considered is whether or not employers have made the required changes within offices to ensure the safety of employees, clients and customers. The supermarkets and financial institutions had to make infrastructural modifications early in the crisis. Finance and insurance, legal, accounting and other professional services to support businesses and also automotive stores and workshops all need to be monitored in this period, or all the hard work done so far to protect the island, could be undone. (AS)

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