Sinanan orders audit into dry-docking of T&T Spirit - EntornoInteligente / The Trinidad Guardian / Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan has ordered an internal audit into the recent dry-docking of the T&T Spirit since the passenger vessel still remains unable to return to the domestic seabridge despite being out of service for a lengthy period.

The T&T Spirit was taken out of service on June 06, 2017, and after having all major works completed was expected to return to operation on the sea-bridge in time for the Easter weekend.

However, defective parts, including a cooling water pump and radar system, have delayed the vessel’s return.

Sinanan questioned how parts that should have been replaced during the dry docking period are still needed to be replaced now.

He ordered the Port Authority chairman to launch the audit.

“At the end of the day, a full report will be handed in I have also requested a full audit on the dry-docking of the vessel and once someone has to be held accountable they will be, if it is the minister then so be it, if it management of the port what has to happen will happen,” Sinanan said.

Sinanan said while he was “very disappointed” with the Port Authority, he “cannot afford to lose faith” in it.

He made the statement yesterday as he said that “someone has to be held accountable” for the situation on the sea-bridge as he announced a full audit on the dry docking of the T&T Spirit has been ordered.

Because of information provided by the Port Authority, Sinanan said he has given incorrect dates on when the T&T Spirit would return.

“The last information that I have heard is that they went on sea trial and there is something that still needs to be corrected and they are expecting to go on sea trial again,” Sinanan said.

“Again, I am not going to make statement as to when the boat will be back on because I have been wrong on several occasions based on the information given to me by the Port Authority and I will only make a statement when I see the boat in the water with the certificates in hand,” he said.

Sinanan said he has been disappointed several times by the Port Authority.

Asked if he was frustrated by what has been taking place, Sinanan said “The thing about it is I am very disappointed but I do have a responsibility as the minister so I cannot afford to lose faith. I mean we are all disappointed with what is happening at the port and someone will be held accountable at the end of the day.”

Sinanan made the statements during a tour of the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway extension in Cumuto yesterday to show that the buffer zone established had not been breached.

The National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (Nidco) yesterday “categorically refuted” allegations that the Ministry of Works and Transport has breached the Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) received for the construction of the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway to Manzanilla.

“As the agency responsible for this highway construction project, Nidco reiterates that it will unequivocally maintain the 100-metre buffer zone between the Aripo Savannahs, the environmentally-sensitive area, and the right-of-way of the highway, as stipulated by the CEC,” it stated.

“Throughout the implementation of this project, Nidco will ensure that the construction activities do not exceed the allowed tolerance levels which may negatively impact the Aripo Savannahs. Any statements by individuals and organisations made to the contrary are, therefore, inaccurate.”


Sinanan orders audit into dry-docking of T&T Spirit

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