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In early 2018, I made a social-media post telling the Jamaica Labour Party to recruit Dr André Haughton. They never did, but the People’s National Party (PNP) did so late that year.

I see a maverick in Dr André Haughton, a man who puts country over party. To me, he’s an upgrade from Damion Crawford. He’s very intelligent, but he will never boast about it like Crawford. When he’s explaining things to the nation, the man in the street can understand. I see this man as a potential leader of the PNP. One of Peter Phillips’ best recruits and accomplishments is Dr Haughton. I believe he’s going to make Marlene Malahoo Forte uncomfortable.

The only weakness I see in Dr Haughton is that he hates picking sides when it comes to internal politics.

Senator Haughton, in the Upper House of Parliament last Friday, basically proved that he’s really the deputy shadow minister in finance in Mark Golding’s absence.

The PNP, and especially Peter Phillips, claims that the party is a democratic socialist party and that Peter Bunting and his faction are capitalists. Normally, left-leaning parties internationally call for high tax rates and not low tax rates. Clearly, the senator’s stance is in sync with his party’s history. I hope members of his party don’t crucify him for taking a stance.


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