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PRESIDENT of Cricket West Indies Dave Cameron wants over 300,000 children in the Caribbean to benefit from the Kiddy Cricket Scotiabank Chirpy’s Classroom Adventure Academic Manual.

Cameron made the announcement at the launch of the academic manual at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain, yesterday. The manual is geared towards teaching children the game of cricket, while developing their classroom skills in other subject areas.

He said CWI wants to see the manual utilised throughout the Caribbean. “CWI intends to increase the number of children involved in cricket through education in the classroom. (We intend to do this) by rolling out Chirpy’s Classroom Adventure Manual to over 1,300 primary schools in the region which is estimated to reach over 325,000 children by the end of 2020,” Cameron said. Azim Bassarath, president of the TT Cricket Board said the Kiddy Cricket programme is focused on education. “This Kiddy Cricket programme is one built on very strong educational foundations. It goes to the very root of human development which begins with the acquisition of physical, social and intellectual skills.”

Reshard Mohammed, vice president, chief financial officer and chief administrative officer, Caribbean South and East at Scotiabank said the organisation wants to see children in the region achieve through the Kiddy Cricket programme.

Mohammed said, “Scotiabank is committed to doing its part to help our communities and young people become better off. We continue to invest in initiatives that allow young people to discover and reach their full potential. The Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme is one such initiative. It represents not only our commitment to the sport of cricket, but also the development of the youth of our country. We remain proud to be associated with a programme such as this in which children not only learn to play cricket, they also develop interpersonal skills, self-confidence, and self-discipline qualities that benefit them for a lifetime.”

Among the others who attended the launch were CWI director of cricket Jimmy Adams, CWI cricket ambassador Joel Garner and CWI CEO Johnny Grave.

Scotia launches Chirpy’s Kiddy Cricket manual

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