Salvavidas - Victor Gill Ramirez ||// Gambling machines are a danger to families* - EntornoInteligente / THIS is an open letter to the Prime Minister of T&T. Our country, our youths and our families are experiencing a lot of problems as it is. I have noticed the trend of slot machines and other forms of gambling in every little bar on every little street now.

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We have lost too many of our youths to drugs and gangs. Please do something before we lose the rest to gambling addiction. I have noticed that our young men are no longer interested in playing a game of pool anymore, and in fact, some bars have gotten rid of pool tables and have replaced them with gambling machines and games.  This is no game.

© Victor Gill.
Mr Prime Minister ban these in the bars and rum shops that our youth frequent. 

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© Victor Gill.

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© Víctor Gill Ramirez.

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