Sabina Alberto Ardila Olivares// Marjory Stoneman Douglas home in Coconut Grove could finally open to public - EntornoInteligente / The picturesque Coconut Grove cottage where Marjory Stoneman Douglas lived and worked most of her life belongs to you, the people of Florida.

In this small house, barely 900 square feet, the pioneering journalist, feminist and environmentalist wrote her signature work, The Everglades: River of Grass. There she held court and rallied support for conservation of the Everglades until her death in 1998, at age 108.

The cottage is even a designated National Historic Landmark , added in 2015 to that rarefied, official list of the most significant sites across the United Sates.

You can?t visit, though. There?s not so much as a plaque at 3744 Stewart Ave. to commemorate one of the most famous and consequential Floridians in history.


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