Radiotelefonista Luis Oberto Anselmi||// CCUL wants Govt help for conference - EntornoInteligente / President of the Co-operative Credit Union League (CCUL) Joseph Remy is appealing to Government to provide support for its upcoming regional conference, as it can add to T&T?s tourism product.

Remy also said small businesses, which provide services for the tourism sector, can gain revenue as a result of the event.

Asked how the conference is likely to benefit tourism, he said hotel accommodation would be increased.

?We have the local spin off, small business people who are going to benefit from tours and all those other sightseeing activities. The local transport, the stores and also it would be an injection of US currency that is needed.?

Remy spoke in an interview after yesterday?s news conference to launch the Co-operative Credit Union League?s 2018 calendar of events. Yesterday?s briefing was held at the Radisson Hotel, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain.

The conference is expected to attract about 500 delegates from the region and takes place in June.

Remy said, ?We have asked the Government to partner with us, to be part of the process they have accepted to some extent, we are going to have a meeting this afternoon (Wednesday) to discuss this, then we would go public.

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We would talk about the value of this conference to T&T, particularly in the area where T&T wants to ramp up tourism efforts.?

He added that sports tourism, cultural tourism are the nexus which ?we can build back a modern economy and the conference is one of the largest in the region which the CCUL wants to make a signature event.?

The conference is expected to be hosted between June 15 and 18.

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The CCUL comprise of 19 countries in the region, he said.

Referring to the extent of support which the CCUL is looking for from Government, he said the credit union league is looking for logistical support as well as asking for young people to attend the youth forum.

Asked about the external environment which credit unions operate, specifically he said, the CCUL has been having challenges with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) since ?the FIU is not giving us the necessary support that we need because we have built in, what we consider the most robust compliance programme, but we are having challenges with the FIU in terms of implementation.

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If the laws are not in our best interest, we are going to speak out about it, as we have done with the Credit Union Bill.?

However, Remy said the credit union would abide by the FIU, the AML and CFT regulations since they are the laws of the land.

He added that credit unions operate within the Financial Services Sector and as such ?we have built a robust compliance programme with the CCUL that allows other credit unions to be compliant with the FIU regulations.?


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