Radio and TV Jaagriti mourns the death of CEO /

Sri Lokesh Ma­haraj, the Chief Ex­ec­u­tive Of­fi­cer of Ra­dio and TV Jaagri­ti and the host of the pop­u­lar pro­gramme «Straight Talk», passed away on Fri­day morn­ing at the Med­ical As­so­ciates Pri­vate Hos­pi­tal.

A re­lease from Ra­dio and TV Jaagri­ti stat­ed that he died peace­ful­ly in the com­pa­ny of his loved ones whilst they were of­fer­ing prayers at his bed­side.

Over the past few days, His Ho­li­ness, the Dhar­mar­charya, Pan­dit Dr Ram­per­sad Paras­ram, Pan­dit Rishi Ma­haraj (Sec­re­tary of the Sanatan Dhar­ma Ma­ha Sab­ha Pan­dits’ Parishad), Pan­dit Navin Oma­dath Ma­haraj and oth­er pan­dits of the Parishad vis­it­ed and of­fered prayers. Oth­er pan­dits from across the coun­try al­so of­fered prayers on his be­half. Oth­ers of­fered prayers and sup­port.

Ma­haraj, like his late grand­fa­ther, was an ar­dent devo­tee of Lord Hanu­man. In his last mo­ments, he took so­lace in the fre­quent recita­tion of the Hanu­man Chal­isa.

«The rec­om­mend­ed ‘Gi­ta-path’ (vers­es of the Sri­mad Bhag­wad Gi­ta) was re­cit­ed to him. Oth­er pre­scribed end of life rit­u­als were per­formed for his ben­e­fit at this cru­cial junc­ture. We feel as­sured that his tran­si­tion was a smooth one from this mor­tal world,» the re­lease said.

The fam­i­ly and ex­ec­u­tive of the SDMS thanked all the doc­tors and nurs­ing staff who at­tend­ed to Ma­haraj.

The fi­nal rites will com­mence at 8:30 am on Sun­day at the house of mourn­ing at Wilkin­son Street, El Do­ra­do. There will be live cov­er­age of this part of the cer­e­mo­ny on Ra­dio and TV Jaagri­ti. His body will then be tak­en to the Ca­roni Cre­ma­tion Site for 11 am.

LINK ORIGINAL: The Trinidad Guardian