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Qualities of successful defensive drivers


Entornointeligente.com / Driving is a life skill. Your training and tests are just the beginning. There are a number of factors which create successful drivers. They have careful schooling in the fundamentals of defensive driving. “Successful defensive drivers, are trained and certified, hold a valid driver’s licence, have good eyesight, knows and practices the road code, drive within the speed limits, and are alert,” says Norris Christian, certified drive instructor.

“They are subordinated to such essentials as steering, braking, gear changing, cornering, and vehicle control with the safety of all road users in mind,” he adds.

Additionally, in this coronavirus pandemic, they ensure that their motor vehicles are well-maintained through adhering to the required service times. These successful drivers ensure that their vehicles are cleaned, sanitised inside and out regularly, hands are sanitised, clean masks are worn and recommended distances are kept. Christian offers some pointers, which, if followed, could make an impact in reducing the recklessness on our roads:

• Responsible: Successful drivers are Responsible. They choose to respond with appropriate behaviour and accept the consequences of their actions. They also learn from their mistakes.

• Polite: Successful drivers are Polite. They ensure that the common courtesies of “Good Morning”, “Good afternoon”, “excuse me”, and “I’m sorry”, are extended. They treat other driver drivers and passengers with respect. They are willing to wait their turn, and listen carefully when others are speaking, and consider the feelings of others.

• Prepared: Successful Drivers are prepared. They keep track of their licence, fitness, insurance. They: keep their tools and tool box intact, carry extra phone credit, cell phone properly charged, a working flashlight, good spare tyre, extra fuses, an umbrella, telephone directory, extra masks, small bag for garbage, jumper cable, extra sanitiser, working Fire extinguisher, a pen and paper to record information.

• Confident: Successful drivers are confident. They believe in themselves. They know their actions make a difference in their lives and the lives of other drivers.

• Work diligently: Successful drivers work hard to realise their goals and dreams. They keep trying and working towards their goals even when things and times get difficult.

• Listen to learn and learn to listen: Successful drivers listen intently. These drivers listen to instruction, follow direction and adhere to the rule of law.

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