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CANBERRA, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) — Environmental groups have described a push for Australia to adopt nuclear power as “a dangerous distraction.”

In a submission to a parliamentary inquiry on nuclear power, a coalition of environmental and civil society groups said nuclear power has “no role” in Australia.

The inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia was established by Angus Taylor, the minister for energy and emissions reduction, after members of the government called for Australia to overturn its moratorium on nuclear power.

The anti-nuclear group, which includes trade unions, the Public Health Association of Australia and even religious groups, said in its submission to the inquiry that the idea is “a dangerous distraction from real movement on the pressing energy decisions and climate actions we need.”

“If Australia’s energy future was solely a choice between coal and nuclear then a nuclear debate would be needed. But it is not,” they said according to The Guardian Australia on Monday.

“Our nation has extensive renewable energy options and resources and Australians have shown clear support for increased use of renewable and genuinely clean energy sources.”

Monday was the final day for public submissions to the inquiry.

Ziggy Switkowski, who led a 2006 review of nuclear power for the government, said in his submission in August that there is no chance nuclear power will be introduced to Australia without a coherent energy policy.

“Can you graft a long-term commitment to nuclear energy on to a currently unconfirmed national energy policy? The answer to this is no, in my opinion,” Switkowski told a public hearing of the inquiry.

However, he argued that the moratorium should “absolutely” be lifted.

“We really should not be making decisions in 2019 based on legislation passed in 1999 reflecting the views of 1979,” he said.



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