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The Dominica Association of Industry (DAIC) and Commerce is of the view that proper governance will reduce the impact of disasters on this country and its business community.

According to the organization, this is supported by the case for good disaster risk governance and strategic planning made by COVID-19.

In a statement, the DAIC said that observance of the UN-designated International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction on October 13, to promote a global culture of disaster risk reduction, is an opportunity to acknowledge the progress being made toward reducing disaster risk and losses in lives, livelihoods, and health in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015- 2030.

This year’s focus is on  “Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk.”  In keeping with the Day’s focus on the impact that disasters have on people’s lives and well being, this year’s theme is about conveying the message that many disasters can be avoided or prevented if there are disaster risk reduction strategies in place to manage and reduce existing levels of risk and to avoid the creation of new risk and what that amounts to, the DAIC says in statement, is “good disaster risk governance.”

The statement adds that the case for good disaster risk governance and strategic planning so acutely demonstrated by COVID-19, “shows us that proper governance will prevent the significant impact that disasters have on our country and our business community” and goes on to highlight the following points in support of that position.

Without appropriate institutions, policies, and collaborative frameworks, the best plans and strategies will fail; Plans and strategies must reflect the multidimensional, systemic nature of risk if people and ecosystems are to be protected and resilient. Assessment is imperative; We have the primary responsibility to prevent and reduce disaster risk, through effective multi-stakeholder coordination, proper planning, oversight of implementation, and strengthening institutions with responsibility for disaster risk reduction; If disaster risk reduction is included explicitly in national development plans and climate adaptation plans and budgets, all parts of government within and across sectors are then able to program risk reduction actions and investments. The same is necessary within the private sector as we ensure to develop and update our business continuity plans and invest in measures to increase our physical structures and business operations; We are all responsible for disaster risk reduction. “Today, I had the opportunity to join colleagues and partners of the United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction in bringing attention to the perspectives of the private sector in our alliance with the public sector in mitigating the impact of disasters within the Caribbean,” DAIC Executive Director, Lizra Fabien, reveals in the statement. “Special attention was given to our partnership in managing the impact of COVID-19.”

She continues, “We encourage your consistency in the prevention of disasters and minimizing the impact where possible. We remain your steadfast partner in providing information and supporting your actions to prevent and minimize the impact of disasters on our private sector and country.”

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