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25/06/2018 – Jamaica Gleaner. / You meet, and as fate might have it you fall in love, then there is the proposal and she says “I do,” then there is time for the wedding. Not quite, then there is the pre-wedding shoot.

The pre-wedding shoot is becoming a fad and many are jumping on the bandwagon. Couples are not waiting for the special day to start taking photographs. To some, it can be seen as a waste of time because really, what is the purpose of a pre-wedding shoot than an additional expense? It might surprise you because in truth it may help in the interpersonal relationship between photographer and couple on the wedding day.

Photographer Fernandez Barrett admitted that it is never easy to be meeting the photographer on the wedding day. Having a stranger point a camera in your face for the entire day, even if it is to capture the best day of your life, can be truly awkward. So it gives you the opportunity to get to know the photographer. Bride-to-be Danee Samuels agreed with this when she spoke about doing her engagement shoot.

“I was not looking forward to it at first, it was just a part of the package. But I liked it and I got to know the photographer before the wedding day, which made the day easier,” she told Flair .

Apart from getting to know the photographer, the photographs can be used for the invitations, to make a customised book for signing on the wedding day, as well as making it a part of the display on the wedding day.

For a photographer, Barrett admits that it adds value to the package. On the wedding day, while you see the love, you do not always see the personality. For the pre-wedding shoot, you can see the couple outside of the white and they get to be themselves. He implores couples that if they choose to do this shoot, they should pick something that they enjoy. For example, for sporty, go to Sabina Park or a football field; for the car lovers, get your friends to drive out and make it an event.

Samuels did just that, as they were supported by one of her husband’s groomsmen to make the shoot just perfect. Now she looks forward to the day with one less worry – the photographer.

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