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Dear Editor,

I HAVE just listened to the very enduring and informative Basil Bradshaw’s ‘Wake Up Guyana’ morning show, and what was related about the experiences of the Azeez family of Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice, from excerpts of the Dave Television Channel Eight telecast, amounts to political harassment and outright goon tactics and thuggery being perpetrated on a Guyanese and his family, because of their democratic right of political choice and affiliation.

This is undoubtedly the work of the PPP/C’s criminal agents being let loose on an Indo-Guyanese who they feel have no right to break ranks, regardless of their democratic preference and right to exercising such.

To have destroyed Mr. Azeez’s place of business, in addition to defacing its walls with PPP/C slogans, is an unqualified manifestation of a party that, despite their decades-old claim to being democratic, has aggregated an unenviable record of trampling democratic norms, inclusive of the right of freedom of expression, and the democratic will of choice. And, to think that this is the party which the man of “prayerful considerations” represented the other day as “democratic’’. As a reminder to him, it is because of such injustices that Jesus Christ, who may have come down, did not even walk through Robb Street, much less support the PPP/C!

Two examples of this ugly track record of a party that is still wholly Stalinist in political culture will suffice: The two recent examples of Khemraj Ramjattan and Moses Nagamootoo, publicly derided as ‘neemakarran’ in the Hindu dialect for having taken the heroic decision to leave the PPP/C with which they both would have been associated for so many decades. They have both been ridiculed publicly, in the print and broadcast media owned by the PPP/C-aligned media houses. They have been especially singled out for the vilest attacks on social media in this ‘Silly Season’. These two cases give credence to the fact of a party’s culture which pays lip service to political plurality; a culture which it has never practised; does not believe in or embrace. It exposes the falsity of its claim to democracy. Just talk!

To be threatening the Azeezes that they will have to remove from their village in the event of a PPP/C victory, underlines the well-known bullyism and vindictive brands for which this PPP/C party has become notoriously famous. Here again is the unmistakable totalitarian culture of a party which believes that it has the birth certificate for all Indo-Guyanese, who are bound, hand and foot, to support it until death.

One is certain that there are similar tribulations being encountered by Indo-Guyanese supporters of the Coalition in other well-known PPP/C areas. Therefore, the trenchant attacks on Mr. Azeez must be seen as an open threat to all other Indo-Guyanese supporters of the Coalition government, designed to cow them into submission. This is an assault on democracy, and must be exposed wherever it is taking place.

Those Indo-Guyanese supporters, as well as all democratically-minded Guyanese, must continue to reject such Dark Ages political culture, which is about the denial of the right of political choice and affiliation. All Guyanese must speak out against this well-known PPP/C communist culture of denying the right of political choice. The days of dictatorship and political bullying are over!

Regards, Aditya Panday

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