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THE APNU+AFC administration has long recognised the importance of a reliable and sustainable supply of clean potable water to all communities in Guyana. And the administration’s policies, initiatives and programmes have reflected that position since the Coalition was elected to office in 2015.

That recognition is admirable, as it is consistent with the findings of the experts, and compatible with the government’s determination that all Guyanese should enjoy a good life, regardless of where they live.

President Granger stated, “On entering office in May 2015, we immediately recognised that the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) had severely neglected all public utilities. On careful examination, it became evident that large swaths of the country had no access to a safe water supply, and in communities that had water, the quality was questionable. It was clear that people in these communities could not enjoy a good standard of life if a basic necessity like a safe water supply was not readily available.” Commendably, the administration took prompt action.

To date, Over 3000 residents in various heavily-populated communities, including Sophia, Ann’s Grove, Eccles, Lodge, Amelia’s Ward in Linden, Savannah Park and a number of villages in the Corentyne have received access to potable water for the first time ever. Unfortunately, the PPP regime had neglected those and other communities, thereby depriving them of one of the basic necessities of life. In fact, within the first year of being elected to office, some 40,000 residents of seven regions have received access to potable water for the first time. In the capital city alone, more than 3,000 residents in eastern Georgetown, and those of surrounding communities have benefited from an improved water supply.

President Granger has also acted on his promise to ensure that hinterland communities have access to water. For example, almost 1000 residents of Monkey Mountain in the Potaro-Siparuni region have gained access to potable water for the first time due to the installation of close to 3000 metres of pipelines, construction of reservoirs and other infrastructure. In a number of villages in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region almost 5000 residents got water for the first time due to the drilling of new wells.

Notably, residents of the Deep South Rupununi now have year-round water security for the first time as a result of positive action of the APNU+AFC administration.

Eight wells have been drilled, commissioned and handed over to communities in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region, and as a result of this, no longer will residents have to suffer during annual droughts in the area.

The wells, which were handed over to village representatives last December, are located in the communities of Aishalton, producing 5,000 litres of water per hour; Chukrikednau, producing 6,000 litres; Karaudarnau, producing 4,500 litres; Achiwuib, producing 6,000 litres; Awarawaunau, producing 4,000 litres; Marunranau, producing 6,000 litres; Shea, producing 4,000 litres; and Baisahidrum, producing 6,000 litres per hour. The wells have been drilled to various depths to optimise water flow rates.

According to the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), “Lack of drinking water and basic sanitation has a devastating impact on development processes. It is the second largest cause of morbidity and mortality for children under five years of age in the Region, and the largest contributor to the burden of environment-related disease.” Obviously, the APNU+AFC administration is aware of that fact.

The Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) has said that considering the importance of the availability of potable water, it is working to create “water fields”, which are multiple wells serving the same areas, so that if one well fails to function for any reason, the others can fill the void. The administration’s commitment to providing every Guyanese with a reliable supply of potable water is to be commended.

After all, as Guyanese say, “water is life”. And, evidently, the good life promised by the APNU+AFC would be impossible without access to potable water.

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