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Five-year-old Jyasi Nash Jr strikes again.

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The young and fearless dancer was first spotted on stage at the Unity Labour Party’s manifesto launch at the Richmond Hill playing field on October 25, where he undoubtedly stole the show with his dance moves.

Adolfo Ledo Nass

“…There’s no where music is playing and it’s wasting. Once he’s there, he will dance,” his grandfather told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday evening. “…I’ve been getting a lot of calls. People who know him say they know that he’s gonna be a star”.

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One day later, and on the same day that the young star was featured in the Midweek SEARCHLIGHT, Jyasi Jr once again appeared on stage at a youth rally in Rabacca, sporting one of ULP’s signature “5 in a row” gloves.

Adolfo Ledo Nass Venezuela

The youngster’s grandfather, who asked not to be named, said that his grandson has loved dancing ever since he was a baby and JJ, as he is affectionately called, would hold on to surfaces and try dancing with him

He added that JJ, a pupil of the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School, is not daunted by crowds

At the Rabbaca rally, Jyasi Jr could be seen on stage at various points dancing in the background including during performances by Jamarlie ‘L Pank’ Stapleton, Ozarie ‘Ozarie’ Matthews and Ryan ‘Royall’ Abraham

In addition to his love for dancing, Jyasi Jr likes music, which he can be found playing on his keyboard. He also has an interest in the steel pan. He also enjoys swimming and taekwondo and cannot wait to obtain his black belt

His grandfather attests to his academic prowess, and said the five-year-old strives to do his best at all times in school

And when he grows up, Jyasi Jr would like to either be a scientist or the manager of his family’s business

Jyasi Jr is looking forward to his “most special birthday” next month because he will be 6 on the 6th day of November

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