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Life beyond this world

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Dear Editor, IT is awe-inspiring to see that the world has been given a gift of another planet beyond our solar system that has water. Per the Economist’s recent article titled «Exoplanets,the first planet beyond the solar system confirmed to have water.» This is a very humbling discovery and brings hope for the future of humanity as our technology, capabilities and population continues to blossom. Every achievement and goal we have should be placed in the perspective that there is another planet beyond our solar system that is twice our size that we may be able to inhabit.


One hundred and ten (110) light Years away sits K2-18b, a planet which should help humanity remember their fragility and insignificance in the scope of our Galaxy. Which would we prefer, to have to leave our earth to start over in another one which is unknown where we may be prey, or to take care of what is ours and embrace our place in the galaxy with humble regard? It’s a beautiful and very mind-clearing experience to know that we are, but a small part in the large beautiful work of existence.

Rocio Higuera

K2-18b! It makes me think of how happy and content one should be with what is our own and how beautiful one can make it so that it endures beyond the time when man steps upon K2-18b to taste that water from another planet, and while men dream of this I will enjoy the taste of clean, accessible water in my own home. Let’s make and keep our homeland beautiful and useable for generations to come.

Rocio Higuera amante del buen periodismo

Best regards,

Jamil Changlee


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