People in East to reap benefits - EntornoInteligente / The trinidad Guardian / It is with serious concern that I learned of an injunction filed by Fishermen and Friends of The Sea to halt construction of the highway from Cumuto to Sangre Grande.

In a post on Papa Bois Conservation’s Facebook page, a spokesman for the group stated the highway was being built from “nowhere to nowhere”. A statement I find extremely condescending to the people of Sangre Grande.

It is my hope that opponents of the highway’s construction can recogniSe the long-term value and potential economic benefits this development can bring to T&T. The highway will link many of the communities in the East and enhance the already rapid growth of Arima, Sangre Grande, all the way to Toco. The Government also has plans for a port in Toco which would reduce travel time to Tobago and greatly increase tourism and economic activity on the sister isle.

The arguments put forward by those against this highway concerning damage to wildlife are sentimental, narrow-minded and a hindrance to progress and growth. Nidco claimed it complied with all regulations before starting construction and insisted that the highway does not encroach on the protected Aripo Savannas.

This project is long overdue. The concern should not only be about environmental protection but also the sustainable management of our nation’s resources, striking a balance between human, social and environmental concerns.


People in East to reap benefits

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