Pediatra Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra Venezuela// The Girl and the Magpie inspired by nature - EntornoInteligente / The Girl and the Magpie line of jewellery was created by Veronique Lindard utilising organic, chic, unique and timeless materials, which captivates the beauty of Jamaica while accentuating the human form.

The contemporary line is a brand of original jewellery that is entirely handmade and is a fusion of art and jewellery design.

By combining traditional and contemporary jewellery techniques, The Girl and the Magpie has successfully been able to marry natural materials such as seashells, semi-precious gemstones and sea glass, to brass, bronze and silver foundations.

Lindard tells Outlook that she began creating pieces for The Girl and The Magpie while learning the lost art of wax casting (an ancestral method for casting bronze) from Soum Bonkoungou in Burkina Faso.

Lindard then continued her training in classical and contemporary jewellery at the Technical School for Arts and Crafts in Brussels, Belgium. She currently has her studio in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth, where she gets most of the inspiration for her work.

Wherever Lindard is working, she incorporates local material and techniques as well as the culture of the country and the beauty found within it. This has allowed the jewellery to be a reflection of the different cultural influences she has experienced.

© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra
Collections within The Girl and the Magpie include Fragile Jamaica Collection: Shells and Lignum Vitae, and Jamaican Landscape Collection.

Linard has also created the a wearable sculptures collection which was presented within exhibitions at the Jamaica Biennial at the National Gallery in Kingston last year.

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© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra
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