Pedestrian crossing aids most welcome - EntornoInteligente / The trinidad Guardian / The new accessible pedestrian crossing aids on traffic lights for persons with disabilities is definitely most welcome! It certainly gets us one step closer to attaining first world status and moving away from the stigmatisation of persons with disabilities locally.

On multiple occasions, I have been approached or struck by walking sticks used by people who are partially blind in downtown Port-of-Spain, and of course I render assistance or give directions as needed and will continue to do so.

However, I often wonder what provisions were being made by the Government in this regard. So I was extremely pleased to see a television news story of the pedestrian crossing aids on 15 traffic lights that were implemented across T&T and I support this much needed initiative!

A most compassionate image was of the Minister of Works and Transport escorting the President of the Consortium of Disability Organisation (CODO) in wheelchair across Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain safely after using the new accessible pedestrian signals.

I also wish that consideration be given to some of the recommendations made by Mr Kenneth Surrat, CEO of the Association.

I would like to share a social media post I read online. It summarises my thoughts and feelings. The post goes like this, “Great job! Progress is not measured in handouts or what the government is doing for me…it’s about bringing about positive changes that enhance one’s everyday life. Some people are not honest or mature enough to acknowledge the positive changes that this Ministry of Works and Transport has made. But I see it and acknowledge it. Continue the success.”


Pedestrian crossing aids most welcome

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