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A Palestinian woman was shot dead by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint along West Bank border.

A Palestinian woman was shot dead by Israeli forces this Wednesday at the Qalandiya checkpoint in the West Bank occupied territory, after allegedly she held up a knife, Al Jazeera reported.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown was pronounced dead later at a hospital, but sources say she spent time without receiving medical attention at the scene, the checkpoint to access East Jerusalem which many cross every day, says Middle East Eye .


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A video circulating on social media shows a uniformed man shooting the woman at close range, who drops an item from her hand.  Several armed men approach the injured and kick the item away. 

According to the Quds News Network, she did not pose any threat to the soldiers, since she had just lost her way at the checkpoint. International organizations have often spoken out about Israeli forces using excessive force when confronting Palestinians suspected of carrying out attacks, Al Jazeera continues.

Later on, the soldiers closed the passing in both directions, preventing people from getting to their jobs. They also attacked several Palestinian civilians.

A study reported by Middle East Eye says 56 of Palestinians killed by  Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem since 2015 died at the checkpoints, which thousands have to cross everyday.

The same study reflects that in dozens of cases Palestinians are killed in spite  of “no evidence of possessing an object threatening soldiers’ lives”, this according to Middle East Eye.

Al Jazeera said open-fire regulations are lighter since 2015, and Israeli police officers are allowed to shoot live rounds in response to any attack.


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