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Home Forms & Submissions e-Edition Search form Search Main menu Home News Business Sports Columns Contact Us Fish market staff members were busy cleaning the Berinda Cox Fish Market yesterday from as early as 7:30 a.m. The rented equipment was sponsored by Member of Parliament for Christ Church South, Ralph Thorne, who collaborated with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy to complete the exercise.

Oistins Fish Market gets a clean up Mon, 02/25/2019 – 12:00am Through the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy, Member of Parliament for Christ Church South and the Oistins Fisherfolk, The Berinda Cox Fish Market has received a significant clean up on Sunday.

Around 7:30 a.m in Oistins fish market staff members were busy using rented power washing equipment which was sponsored by Christ Church South MP, Ralph Thorne to clean their work spaces. Minister of Maritime Affairs and Blue Economy, Kirk Humphrey speaking to the media, explained that most of the markets like Berinda Cox Fish Market were in a state of disrepair. He noted that the situation was “a manifestation of the lack of care” which was given to the market over the last ten years.

During the tour of the market which included the Member of Parliament for Christ Church South, Ralph Thorne; Chief Fisheries Officer at the Fisheries Division, Stephen Willoughby; Assistant Supervisor in the market, Shirleon Greenidge; Minister Humphrey showed the media damaged counter tops, cupboards without doors and rusty hinges.

He reiterated that as soon as the new financial year starts in April that an effort will be made to rectify most of the issues in the markets. He added that he was happy to say that it has taken the Ministry not even a year to effect change to the market.

Derelict boats moved and warnings issued to boat owners In the boatyard to the west of the market, Humphrey also highlighted that the area was thoroughly cleared of bush, debris and some derelict boats. He reported that about ten of the derelict boats have been moved and notices placed on those which remained in the space. The Martime Affairs and Blue Economy Minister stressed the importance of his ministry’s recent actions and emphasised that they were not trying to prevent the fishing community from making a living.

“I am not trying to be a nuisance to anybody. I keep making that point. It is not about trying to make somebody’s life difficult or trying to stop a man from making a living but the truth is if your boat has been out of the water for a number of years, you are not really using the boat to make a living and I feel there must be a better way,” said Minister Humphrey.

Ministry can facilitate boat repairs He added that if the boat is moved to another location and there is some way the Ministry can help the owner repair the boat that would be fine. However, the Minister said that to occupy a space which could be used functionally or productively is just wrong.

“We have started moving the boats and we will continue to the move the boats. I am hopeful all of these boats you see with notices on them will either be moved to another location or that we are in a position to help the owner, in some way, form or fashion to repair some of those boats because the Ministry of Maritime Affairs has some funds to assist with the repairing of boats”, said Humphrey.

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