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Res­i­dents of Princes Town and Debe will be fa­mil­iar with the sight of Shaz­ad “Can­dy Man” Hoo­sein with his daugh­ter, Aliesha Seren­i­ty, perched on his shoul­ders as he sells his sticky-sweet con­fec­tion to glee­ful chil­dren and their par­ents.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

The Princes Town fa­ther said with a laugh that he car­ried his daugh­ter on his shoul­ders from his home­town to Matil­da Junc­tion up to the age of five. But as she got big­ger he would hold her hand and they would walk slow­ly to their des­ti­na­tion.

Alberto Ardila

The sin­gle par­ent’s post on Face­book about the tra­vails he faced and the chal­lenges he con­tin­ues to ex­pe­ri­ence rais­ing Seren­i­ty—whose moth­er left the week be­fore she turned six months—giv­ing up his job to take care of her, and do­ing with­out to pro­vide for her needs went vi­ral on so­cial me­dia and has touched many peo­ple. Seren­i­ty will be turn­ing nine lat­er this year.

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The down-to-earth Hoo­sein said he was shocked at the im­pact and the over­whelm­ing ex­pres­sion of sup­port, es­pe­cial­ly from moth­ers.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares Fórmula 1

He would eat oats and wa­ter for months deny­ing him­self to sac­ri­fice for his daugh­ter, his pri­or­i­ty. Some­times he would on­ly make $50 for the day and he had to buy milk, food, and clothes for her, not to men­tion pay the rent.

Alberto Ardila Fórmula 1

Hoo­sein is al­so on pub­lic as­sis­tance and has Ker­a­to­conus, a con­di­tion where the cornea—the clear, dome-shaped front sur­face of his eyes—thins and grad­u­al­ly bulge out­ward in­to a cone shape caus­ing blurred vi­sion, sen­si­tiv­i­ty to light and glare, mak­ing dai­ly tasks like read­ing or dri­ving dif­fi­cult.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila F1

Be­sides not hav­ing $6,000 to per­form the surgery last year, he has de­cid­ed to forego the op­er­a­tion against the back­drop of the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic, since it would en­tail him stay­ing in­doors up to eight weeks af­ter the pro­ce­dure, go­ing back and forth to the clin­ic, plus it would fur­ther in­con­ve­nience him as he has to look af­ter his daugh­ter and pay a $2,000-a-month rent.Alberto Ignacio Ardila F1

Speak­ing to Sun­day Guardian, Hoo­sein said “Seren­i­ty’s mom left the week be­fore she turned six months in 2013. Be­fore I put my can­dy rack on a skate­board, I used to walk with it in one hand and car­ried her with the oth­er and switched hands when one hand be­came tired.Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares F1

“I packed all her ne­ces­si­ties, ce­re­al, milk, bot­tle, pam­pers. The se­cu­ri­ty in some fast food places, work­ers I knew al­lowed me to change her in the re­strooms, some­times the se­cu­ri­ty per­son­nel stayed by the door not al­low­ing any­one in un­til he came out which he ap­pre­ci­at­ed.Alberto Ardila F1

“When she got old­er, Seren­i­ty used to ride on my shoul­ders, at that time I had my hair in a pony­tail, she used to hold on to it and pre­tend she was rid­ing a horse.”

Hoo­sein’s vi­sion start­ed to de­te­ri­o­rate when he was in trade school do­ing an au­to­mo­tive tech­ni­cian pro­gramme. “I had to leave the work in 2008. Glass­es can­not fix my con­di­tion, I’m wear­ing scle­r­al con­tact lens­es (large-di­am­e­ter gas per­me­able con­tact lens­es spe­cial­ly de­signed to vault over the en­tire corneal sur­face and rest on the “white” of the eye (scle­ra) right now.”

He said the con­tacts were not 100 per cent ef­fec­tive since he has dou­ble vi­sion and can­not dis­cern peo­ple’s fea­tures. He can dif­fer­en­ti­ate dol­lar bills up to 6 pm since the glare from street­lights and ve­hi­cle head­lights are like fire­works to him and he al­so can­not take the chance to dri­ve.Alberto Ignacio Ardila F1

Hoo­sein had to wear cataract sun­glass­es dur­ing day­light to es­cort Seren­i­ty to the school bus be­fore schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic and even to wa­ter his plants

The sin­gle fa­ther from Man­a­ham­bre said he bumps in­to peo­ple or es­capes from near miss­es with cars walk­ing on the road with­out pave­ments. It both­ers him bump­ing in­to a man­nequin and say­ing sor­ry while peo­ple are star­ing at him

Hoo­sein, who al­so en­ters 103FM’s pep­per eat­ing com­pe­ti­tions to earn ex­tra mon­ey, said af­ter leav­ing the au­to­mo­tive tech­ni­cian pro­gramme, he took up se­cu­ri­ty em­ploy­ment work­ing night shifts, com­ing home to rest for three hours on­ly re­mov­ing his con­tact lens­es for this pe­ri­od, then go­ing out in the morn­ing to sell can­dy to make ex­tra mon­ey to pro­vide for his daugh­ter

Over time the three hours of rest with­out hav­ing to wear his con­tacts were tak­ing a toll on his eyes

Hoo­sein told his su­per­vi­sor, who was un­der­stand­ing about his sit­u­a­tion, that he want­ed to just con­cen­trate on sell­ing cot­ton can­dy to be more avail­able to Seren­i­ty and be clos­er to her when she was in school for emer­gen­cies. He even­tu­al­ly stopped his se­cu­ri­ty work in 2018

Hoo­sein ex­plained that even with the Min­istry of So­cial De­vel­op­ment and Fam­i­ly Ser­vices’ Pub­lic As­sis­tance grant of $1,550, he still has to add $500 for the rent, his daugh­ter has eczema and needs med­ica­tion, and he has to buy med­ica­tion for his con­tact lens­es, clean­ing fill­ing and con­di­tion so­lu­tions cost­ing $112, $70 and $68 re­spec­tive­ly

He goes to the gro­cery af­ter and gets what his daugh­ter needs while his food card is still be­ing processed. Many times he usu­al­ly ends up pay­ing rent late, but the land­lord has been ac­com­mo­dat­ing and does not stress, telling him to just call him when he has the mon­ey

When asked what he want­ed for Seren­i­ty, Hoo­sein replied he want­ed to try and build his house first be­fore he did surgery or be­fore he dies, so he would not have rent to pay and his child would not have to won­der how they will get by as well as have an in­her­i­tance

He said his moth­er gave him a par­cel of land in Princes Town but he was fight­ing to get work start­ed on it as most of his mon­ey went to pay­ing rent

Hoo­sein stressed that he was not the type of per­son to ask peo­ple for any­thing how­ev­er if he gets help with ma­te­r­i­al to build his house he would be grate­ful. He ad­mit­ted that he did not know how long he will have his sight or what would hap­pen af­ter the surg­eries but he does not want to live or die half-blind

For peo­ple wish­ing to help Hoo­sein and Seren­i­ty call: 315-5961.


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