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Entornointeligente.com / The trinidad Guardian / The tenacity of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The wisdom of former prime minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill.

The people’s touch of former president of the United States Barack Obama.

And the personality of the former minister of Dominica Eugenia Charles.

These are the ingredients that President-Elect Paula-Mae Weekes are hoping to use when she assumes her role as this country’s sixth head of State next month.

Speaking to the T&T Guardian in an one-on-one interview yesterday, Weekes said she wants to be remembered for being a servant of Trinidad and Tobago.

The T&T Guardian asked Weekes if there are any world leaders she is inspired by as she assumes her new position.

“There are so many of them, you want to take a piece of this one here and a piece of that one there,” Weekes said.

“Well of course Angela Merkel for her tenacity. We could go a lot further back, Winston Churchill, who was a very wise leader for his time. I would love to have the people’s touch of President Obama. I think coming closer to home and not because she is a woman, but Eugenia Charles, because she never lost contact with the people. Up until the end you could call her telephone and she would answer her telephone for herself, so I think if I can pull the best from those four I will be going very well indeed.”

One day the country may even been fortunate enough to see President Weekes ride into the Independence Day Parade on horse-back.

Weekes was learning to ride horses at the Police Barracks in St James before she fell and injured her shoulder, she revealed. However, since being elected president Weekes has dreamed of putting those talents to work and riding into the Independence Day parade.

You may have to wait until next year to see that happen though, if ever, she said.

Weekes said if she had to describe herself in one word it would be “deliberate.”

It was this mentality she also used when deciding whether or not to accept the offer to become this country’s next president.

Asked if someone were doing a biography on her what would she like the title to be, Weekes said “Enjoy life.”

It’s a philosophy she lives by.

“Try to make the most out of every day and have some fun in every day,” she said.

“I have had many, many happy experiences and I have absolutely nothing to be despairing about in my private life, of course we despair about what is happening around us in the country but then again never losing hope.”

Weekes said she was concerned by the country’s high crime rate, but she believes all is not lost.

“I’m hoping that whatever resources can be afforded would be put toward addressing the issue (of crime) but I think we need some more creative measures,” Weekes said.

“I think there are small things that can be done that perhaps we are not doing. I think we are a big picture people, we always look to the most grandiose plans, ignoring a lot of small but effective things that can be done in the interim.

“So there is nothing wrong with the grand plans, but we can’t await that and do nothing until we can put that in place because that might be a never.

“There are incremental things that I feel can be done so that I would hope that we use the resources we have, we use them wisely, we don’t waste time reinventing wheels and where we have to tweak things that others have done to make them fit our situation we do that but that we get on with it and stop just talking.”

Obama, Merkel, Churchill among her idols

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