NWC Improves Water Flow At Cacoon Primary And Infant

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The National Water Commission (NWC) team in Hanover carried out work to improve the flow of water through the taps at the Cacoon Primary and Infant School in the parish on Monday (May 23).

Regional Manager at the NWC, Jeffery Smith, told JIS News that the Labour Day project was focused on relocating the tanks, which is the school’s main source of potable water.

The tanks, which were on top of the infant department building, were placed on an existing concreate base with new fittings and connections installed to enhance efficiency of water flow.

Mr. Smith told JIS News that plans are under way to connect the school to the main by August to ensure more reliable access to water.

In the meantime, water trucks are supplying the school with the commodity.

Other activities undertaken at Cacoon Primary and Infant by the NWC team include painting of classrooms, whitewashing of tyres and planting of flowers at the entrance of the school.

Teacher at the school, Angela Kerr, expressed gratitude to the NWC. «It’s a good look for the school, and it’s a good look for [NWC] to give a helping hand,» she said.

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