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The Head of State says Venezuela must remain on high alert despite the empire’s failure to create havoc in October.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has warned of a new terror plot by foreign agents which aim to disrupt the November electoral campaign.


‘Refinery Explosion Was a Terrorist Attack,’ President Maduro

“We have captured information from sectors abroad that speak of November 1, actions of attacks and violence to try, they say, to create the image of chaos and crisis in Venezuela. And, they say, try to turn the vote in the state of Florida,” denounced the President.

“I have the responsibility before this Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) to alert and inform the people of this [recently-acquired information] which we are handling,” said the Head of State from the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex, where he led a political activity.

“I alert our people. Alert, a thousand eyes, a thousand ears, a perfect civic-military-police union to safeguard peace, stability,” he said. 

#EnVideo ��| Presidente de Venezuela, @NicolasMaduro : Hemos captado comunicaciones de sectores conspiradores fuera de nuestro país que pretenden, en las próximas horas, acciones de ataque y violencia en el país #ConAlíAlBloqueHistórico

— VTV CANAL 8 (@VTVcanal8) October 31, 2020 According to Venezuelan government intelligence, intercepted communications point to plans to carry out terrorist attacks targeting the parliamentary election process with acts of sabotage in Venezuela, in an attempt to boost the campaign of one of the U.S. presidential candidates.

The electoral campaign for Venezuela’s National Assembly begins in November and the President has warned that the fascist far-right is preparing seditious acts in an attempt to bring violence through a variety of means in coordination with coup leader Juan Guaido and Colombian President Ivan Duque.

“I say it with serenity, with poise, I say it to the people: we have not allowed it, they have not been able to and will not bring violence to our people or to the streets. Here, a free, diverse, happy electoral campaign will reign, in permanent dance,” he predicted.

On Friday, Venezuela suffered a terrorist attack on the Tablazo Petrochemical Complex located on the Eastern Coast of Lake Maracaibo in Zulia State. The incident is being considered part of a ongoing pattern of economic terrorism aimed at the Boliviarian Republic’s economic and industrial infrastructural base.

#Venezuela announces effective medicine against COVID-19.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) October 26, 2020

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