Newly-weds paint endless love in shades of ‘Whyte’

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«After years of disappointments, I was right where I wanted to be and who I was meant to be with,» a content Jody-Ann Mitchell reflected as she reminisced on saying ‘Ido’ to the love of her life, Oshah Whyte. The two might have met under business circumstances in church, but it turned out that they had been the partner each was praying for. Let’s see how this divine duo painted a beautiful canvas of endless love in shades of ‘Whyte’.

«We met at my church, as I wanted him to be a guest speaker as a police officer at one of my youth services. He drove two hours that night, too, and from his parish, to do that assignment,» Jody-Ann told Island Wedding . Oshah’s height stood out to her in an instant, his most talked-about feature, but she also found him to be friendly as well. He shared a similar amicable sentiment, highlighting that he thought that Jody-Ann was very calm, humble, and a nice person overall. «She was also big on organising things,» he added.

So how did Jody-Ann embark on the journey of walking the ‘Whyte’ line? According to the couple, it was an exchange via WhatsApp that changed the nature of their relationship. On Saturday, May 4, 2019, Jody-Ann posted a WhatsApp status, to which Oshah responded with a comment. From there, the pair engaged in a scintillating conversation over the phone. He noticed that sparks flew between them, and he was not alone in that discovery. «I will never forget that day. I literally felt a change in the atmosphere of the room that day, like God was saying, this was a move I should definitely take,» she shared.

On their first date, the pair went for some fresh air and took in the cool sea breeze at Fort Clarence Beach. From there, it was lunch at Tai Xing Garden Chinese restaurant in Sovereign Village, in Portmore, St Catherine, because the two are both lovers of Chinese food. «The day was filled with laughter and it drew me closer to Oshah. I love the simple but joyful and peaceful things of life. The day was filled with laughter, and it drew me closer to him,» Jody shared.

Oshah remains fascinated and amazed by his beloved’s caring, loving, loyal and royal nature. As a lover of God, she is devoted to any action that can make the Church a better place; and she is a praying woman who believes in seeking directions from God.

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