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Daily Mail- A new storm battered the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas early today, with officials warning it is headed for Florida and could turn into a tropical storm.

On Thursday, the Bahamian government said it believed 1,300 people are missing, a sharp decline from the 2,500 listed on the missing registry a day earlier.

A tropical disturbance struck the central Bahamas on Friday, packing winds of 30 mph and was expected to drop three to five inches of rain through Sunday.

There is an 80 percent chance that it will turn into a stronger tropical depression or even a tropical storm named Humberto in the next day or so as it crawls at 3 mph across the Bahamas and takes aim at Florida, the NHC said.

There is an 80 percent it could turn into a tropical storm named Humberto in the next day or so as it crawls at 3 mph across the Bahamas and takes aim at Florida, the NHC said

Marsh Harbour in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian earlier this week — the official death toll has risen in the time since to 50 people


A woman walks on the beach as the new storm approaches Nassau on Thursday afternoon

The National Hurricane Center’s current outlook for the Bahamas, showing a tropical disturbance in the region

Ventusky Privacy Policy Bahamian government denies it is suppressing Dorian death toll The Bahamian government has denied claims it is suppressing the Dorian death toll, after the latest official count fell well below what residents have reported. The official count is 50.

Locals say the latest official figure does not match with the oppressive stench and sight of the dead.

But health minister, Duane Sands, told the  Miami Herald : ‘I am actually a bit concerned that the focus has been for some people the body count. It is not the priority.

‘The priority is find those people for their loved ones who are missing them; to take care, provide comfort to those people who are hurt, who are suffering, that’s the priority. To put food in people’s bellies, water in their throat.’

Hundreds or even thousands of people were still missing, officials said, as rescue teams continued their grim retrievals.

Sands told the Herald: ‘We’ve heard the numbers, a 1,000, 200, 500, 600. We’ve heard all of the claims.

‘The language I have used and the language that the prime minister has used and all of the cabinet, and (the National Emergency Management Agency), has been a description of the number of confirmed deaths — these are people in the morgue.’

A tropical storm warning was in effect for Northwestern Bahamas, including hurricane-hit Abacos and Grand Bahama, the Miami-based National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

The storm is expected to pick up speed as it moves northwest on Friday and could hit Florida on Saturday, it said.

A tropical storm watch was issued for portions of the coast of east-central Florida late Thursday and South Florida could see tropical storm force winds as early as Friday evening, the NHC said.

Hurricane Dorian slammed into the Bahamas on September 1 as a Category 5 storm, one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record to hit land, packing top sustained winds of 185 mph.

The tropical cyclone was not expected to bring anywhere near that level of devastation.

Aid groups rushed shelter material to residents living in the shells of former homes.

‘We’re seeing plastic tarps go out all over the islands, and that’s extremely important because now you’ve got another tropical storm coming,’ said Ken Isaacs, vice president of programs for U.S. relief organization Samaritan’s Purse.

The prime minister of the Bahamas, Hubert Minnis, on Wednesday said the official death toll stood at 50 but was expected to rise.

Minnis said there were problems coordinating aid due to the level of devastation and he was trying to remove ‘bureaucratic roadblocks.’

Former prime minister Hubert Ingraham said he believed ‘hundreds’ were dead on Abaco ‘and significant numbers on Grand Bahama,’ the Nassau Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday.

Officials have erected large tents in Nassau to house those made homeless by Dorian and plan to erect tent cities on Abaco capable of sheltering up to 4,000 people.

BBC- Emergency services in the Bahamas say the number of missing following Hurricane Dorian stands at 1,300.

The number is down from the 2,500 listed missing earlier this week .

The National Emergency Management Agency (Nema) said the drop in numbers came after cross-referencing names of the missing with those in shelters.

Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas earlier this month killing at least 50. The death toll is expected to rise as the clean-up operation continues.

Prime minister Hubert Minnis said in a televised address on Wednesday that the government was being transparent and would “provide timely information on the loss of life as it is available.”

Dorian was packing sustained winds of 185mph (295km/h) when it made landfall at Elbow Cay on the Abacos on 1 September.

It equalled the highest winds ever recorded for a hurricane at landfall when it struck the Abaco Islands.

Police commissioner Anthony Ferguson said that the search for the victims was a slow process.

“We have to go through all of that rubble, take our time and search. It’s going to take a long time before you can really say,” he says.

On Thursday the US announced $4 million (£3.2 million) in new humanitarian assistance for the Bahamas. The US Agency for International Development said the money would go towards providing shelter, food, medicine and water to those on Grand Bahama and Abaco, the worst hit islands.

More than 5,000 people have been evacuated from the two islands to New Providence, the island where the country’s capital Nassau is located.

According to Nema, the number of people seeking to leave Grand Bahama and Abaco has reduced considerably.

Some 15,000 people are still in need of shelter or food, the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency says.

On Thursday, the Bahamas government issued a tropical storm warning.

According to the US National Hurricane Centre, the weather system was not expected to produce a significant storm surge in the northwest Bahamas; however, heavy rain could hamper rescue efforts.

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