New gay TV series will be a huge step for Mexican television - EntornoInteligente / The Heart is Never Wrong (“El corazón nunca se equivoca”) is an upcoming Mexican television series produced by Juan Osorio , who claims the new TV show will help break paradigms in national television since it features a gay couple as its main protagonists.

“This project means a lot to me, we are taking a huge step in Canal de las Estrellas and national television. It is part of an evolution in our TV content,” said Osorio in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL .

The gay teen power couple popularly known as “Aristemo”— Aristóteles (Emilio Osorio) and Cuauhtémoc (Joaquín Bondoni) —was part of a subplot in a soap opera called “Mi marido tiene familia,” which soon gained the acceptance of Mexican audiences.

Due to the TV show’s success, Juan Osorio decided to create a musical theater play called Los Aristemos, which started touring the country earlier this year.

For Osorio, the play was an opportunity to entertain while promoting inclusion, diversity, and tolerance in Mexico.

“I feel it is my personal responsibility since the series will be broadcast at 20:30 hours, in a family evening schedule, so we have both our typical audience and new audiences that are joining in to see Aristemo. This is why we want to make our content, direction, photography, and soundtrack something truly special that connects with some of the themes we address in the story,” claimed the producer.

TV critic Roberto Rondero García considered that this is the right moment for Mexican television to take part in social evolution while appealing to a more intelligent and woke audience. While Mexico’s classic melodrama has managed to avoid the subject of homosexuality for a long time, Mexican viewers were longing for this type of content, which is one of the main reasons behind Aristemo’s huge success.

“Families are not structured as before. Nuclear families are not disappearing, they’re just changing. It’s important that we open our eyes to this new reality,” he commented.

Though the TV channel that will now broadcast The Heart is Never Wrong has already presented gay couples as secondary characters in other TV shows, this is the first time that a Mexican soap opera will focus on a gay love story.

The new series’ plot will tell the story of four families played by actors Sergio Sendel, Lety Calderón, Víctor González, and Laura Flores .

“We’ve been very careful so as to make an organic story where other families get along with Aristóteles and Cuauhtémoc as a couple. We have the main soap opera ingredients as well: Melodrama, comedy, love, etc,” the producer commented.

The Heart is Never Wrong will tell the story of how Aristóteles and Cuauhtémoc decide to move from Oaxaca to Mexico City . They go to college and seek to grow on a personal level. The series will feature some new characters, such as Carlota (Ale Müller) and Diego (Nikolás Caballero), who will be the couple’s roommates.

The 26-episode series will premier on Sunday, June 23 at 21:30 hours and will be presented officially at Mexico City’s main square (Zócalo) on June 24.  

Artículo Mexico to launch its first openly gay series on national TV English Juan Osorio announced that a spin-off of the series “Mi Marido Tiene Familia” would be launched on June 24 at 8:30PM dm  



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