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The National Road Safety Council is to hold discussions with the police today in relation to the challenges being faced by pedestrians who use the newly constructed roads in the Corporate Area.

There have been complaints about the jersey barriers used to separate traffic.

These relate specifically to the height of  the medians and absence of  designated areas to cross the roads.

Vice Chairman of  the Council, Dr. Lucien Jones, says a balance must be struck between the safety of  motorists and that of  pedestrians.

“In fact, we are meeting with the police and we will raise the issue of public safety and pedestrian safety. This is to make sure that we not only pay attention to the drivers but to pedestrians as well.”


He added that measures to be put in place by the NWA to ensure pedestrian safety along these roads will not be enough.

“Even though the NWA has pointed out that some roads are not yet finished and that they will be introducing traffic signals at strategic points, we don’t beleive that all of these will be sufficient …. It’s a debate that we are having with the NWA. We have agreed to disagree at this point ,” Dr. Jones said. 




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