MP Hoping Meeting Will Lead To End Of Road Protest In Darliston

mp_hoping_meeting_will_lead_to_end_of_road_protest_in_darliston.png /

  The Member of Parliament for Westmoreland Central, George Wright, is hoping that a meeting on Thursday will result in the reopening of the Darliston to Whithorn main road, which has been blocked by residents since Monday.   The residents are protesting the deplorable state of the major thoroughfare and insist that it will remain blocked until repairs begin.   Mr. Wright told Radio Jamaica News that the police, National Works Agency, taxi operators and other stakeholders have been invited to the meeting which was scheduled for 11:00 a.m.   The MP said the authorities need an assurance from residents that the road will not be reblocked if it is cleared.    As soon as the road is cleared, he said, temporary repairs will begin.