More Than 130 Animals Stolen From Farmers In Salt Pond

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  Several livestock farmers in Salt Pond, Portmore, St. Catherine are counting their losses after thieves struck on Saturday night.   One farmer, Derrick Belafante, told Radio Jamaica News that more than 100 pigs were stolen from his property.   His neighbours lost about 30 goats and five sheep.    Mr. Belafante said the farmers have suffered a major setback.    «This set me back because now I cannot pay my staff in the Salt Pond area and I cannot [go] further with my farm down here because all my investment went to stray because seven months ago I bought almost $3.8 million worth of young pigs and I was feeding them for the longest while. They come to perfection that they could sell now for at least $80-$90,000 for one pig and they took more than 100-and-odd pig from me,» he recounted.   It is estimated that Jamaican farmers suffer losses of more than $5 billion annually due to praedial larceny.   Earlier this year, the Praedial Larceny Prevention Unit said it was pursuing strategies to combat the illegal activity.