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The Dominica Social Security and the AID Bank will be able to tap into additional manpower in order to help with processing of the unemployment benefits and loan applications.

The Ministry of Finance announced a three-month grant from the social security and a small business loan in its packages of measures to support those who have lost income due to the financial impact of the coronavirus.

The Hon Minister for Finance and Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit says processing for access to those funds must be efficient to reach those in need.

“I have been told that they need more staff and I have directed that we provide them with staff from the public service to help them [review] the forms,” he said.

“They can be available at night. I can let them stay home in the daytime and go and work for you at night so that we have a 24-hour programme to facilitate the application and review process,” The Hon Prime Minister added. “I don’t think we can work that 8-4 arrangement because people need the money for their small businesses and… for income support. We need to increase on the manpower that we have.”

He listed as a challenge the practice of applying multiple times for the unemployment grant using different names causing process delays.

Hon Skerrit also says that the DSS has been paying out benefits as is the purpose of the fund.

“We have to help the DSS and AID Bank to help us so that we can move much faster. But people have in fact gotten payments from these two institutions. I would like to see more people get more quickly and that’s what we’re going to be helping the AID Bank and the DSS with this week.”

Hon Skerrit confirmed, “The $15.7 million at the DSS is to help people with income support and the $5 million is to help people with small businesses once they qualify.”

He credits the AID Bank with doing a good job in processing applications.

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