Mexico questions possible country “exclusions” for coming Americas' Summit, in Los Angeles

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“If there are exclusions, if not all countries are invited, Mexico will send a representation, but I will not be attending,”…indicated Lopex Obrador… Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has warned that he will be absent from the Americans Summit, in Los Angeles next month, if the United States finally decides to exclude from the meeting any country from the region.

“If there are exclusions, if not all countries are invited, Mexico will send a representation, but I will not be attending, probably the task will fall on my foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard”, indicated the Mexican leader in his daily early morning media conference.

“I don’t want an exclusions policy in the Americas, in fact I want all countries to express their independence and sovereignty, and remain in our universal fraternity. We are not going to favor or support confrontation, but rather the brotherly spirit”, added AMLO, the president’s acronym.

In Washington White House Spokesperson, Jen Psaki said that invitations had not been issued or addressed, thus avoiding answering if Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua would be excluded from the large meeting in Los Angeles, 8 to 10 June.

On Sunday, AMLO during a visit to Cuba said he would insist with president Joe Biden that all countries be invited, and that each of them decide whether they will attend or not.

“We have a very good relation with Biden, we consider him a good man…but this does not mean that there are still some traces of the interventionist policy, two centuries policy, among his team” However the Mexican leader admitted having a long nice chat with Biden on 29 April.

The coming summit will focus on migration, climate change, Covid 19 and “fighting for freedom and democracy”, said spokesperson Psaki.

Last December president Biden organized a summit on democracy and invitations never arrived to Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras , Guatemala and Haiti, governments which are accused of corruption and blatant abuses of human rights.

Relations between Washington and Havana have distanced since the “wave of repression” in Cuba when the surprising protests for food and freedom in July 2021, during which at least five people were killed by police and para-security organizations, dozens injured and over 1,400 jailed according to the Miami based NGO Cubalex.

Likewise the administration of president Biden does not recognize the leaders of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro from Venezuela, for allegedly have been reelected in fraudulent elections with no guarantees.